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Artal Transforms the Art Market: A Game-Changing Marketplace Platform Connecting Artists
and Buyers with Personalised Websites and Streamlined Shopping

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Customer Description

Artal is an Artistic Marketplace Platform that enables artists to create personalized websites and
offers a centralized marketplace for buyers to discover and purchase a diverse range of artistic


In the digital art landscape, artists lack platforms that showcase their work uniquely, while
buyers face fragmented experiences when searching for diverse creations.

Limited Branding

Artists lack options to personalize their online presence and create a
distinct brand.

Fragmented Experience:

Buyers navigate multiple platforms, leading to impersonal shopping.

Complex Management

Artists face challenges in managing products and orders across

Lack of Community

The absence of a cohesive space hinders artist-buyer interactions.


Artal commissioned Devista to create an Artistic Marketplace Platform that bridges the gap
between artists and buyers, revolutionizing how creations are presented and sold. The project
involves creating three interconnected applications:

Product Management

To empowers artists and administrators
with features like user authentication,
product management, inventory tracking,
website customization, order processing,
and analytics.

Personal Artist Website

To allow artists to build personalized
websites with custom domains,
showcasing portfolios and enabling direct
engagement with visitors.

Marketplace Application

Ment to curate a centralized marketplace
where buyers can explore products, use
search filters, securely checkout, and
connect with artists.


The platform we created proves how business-minded tech solutions in the art market can
benefit both the artists and the customers by: 

What it’s like to work with us

Working with Devista wasn’t just about getting a product developed; it was a collaborative experience.

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