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Unlocking Efficiency: Devista’s Serverless Accelerator Cuts SaaS Development
Costs by Over 30% on AWS Architecture

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Customer Description

The Serverless Accelerator for SaaS development, based on AWS Serverless Architecture, is
Devista’s latest R&D endeavour. Our aim is to reduce both th development and maintenance
costs for SaaS platforms, leading to savings of at least 30%. This project will benefit clients in all
industries, but particularly those in InsureTech and HR.


Traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms face a set of challenges that can impact their efficiency
and effectiveness.

  • The scalability of these platforms often requires manual
    intervention, leading to difficulties in meeting fluctuating

  • Maintenance responsibilities, such as server provisioning and
    patching, burden the development teams and distract from their
    core activity.

  • A high and unpredictable cost structure, driven by the need to
    pay for servers whether fully utilised or not, can strain budgets.

  • But most importantly, the increased setup and configuration
    requirements may slow down the time to market, affecting


With an objective to fast-track our customer’s SaaS offerings to market, this accelerator is about more than
efficiency—it’s about enabling transformation. The Serverless Accelerator is a paradigm shift in SaaS
development. Crafted with a vision of expediting market readiness for our customer’s SaaS products, the
accelerator aims to bridge the gap between conception and realization. It significantly cuts down development
time, allowing faster and more efficient product launches.


Serverless Accelerator has already been proven in the real world by being successfully used by Nova M4, an HR
gamification tool. This accomplishment not only underlines the effectiveness of the accelerator but also stands
as a testament to Devista Consulting’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving success for our clients.

What it’s like to work with us

Moroianu Alexandru

Product Owner, @Nova M4

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