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Transforming the Corporate Gifting Landscape: Gaveuniverset’s Journey to Digital Excellence

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Customer Description

Gaveuniverset, part of Borg & Bigum Denmark, stands as a premier choice gift shop tailored for the
corporate world. It offers a unique platform where businesses can effortlessly craft a curated gift
selection, ensuring their colleagues receive the perfect presents for various occasions.
Gaveuniverset simplifies the art of gifting, making it both personalized and efficient for businesses.


Gaveuniverset faced a complex challenge in efficiently managing tailored catalogs for various customer
companies across multiple shops. The establishment of new shops, as requested by clients, was a labor-
intensive process. The setup of these internal stores relied heavily on manual input through an admin
application, where product details were sourced from excel spreadsheets and PDF catalogs.

Time Consumption

Manually sifting through spreadsheets and catalogs was a tedious
and time-consuming task. This not only delayed the availability of
products for employees but also increased the chances of human

Budget Assessment

When clients come to Devista, they begin the journey of crafting
their mobile application. First, we assess the budget. As
consultants, we scan the market to extract the maximum value

Integration Issues

The previous method did not easily integrate with other systems or
digital tools, creating silos of information.

User Experience

For administrators, the process of setting up and updating the
internal store was far from user-friendly, resulting in reluctance to
regularly update product listings.


We decided to design an adjacent application to streamline the entire process of product selection and
website creation.

Automated Product Selection:

The new application allowed for direct integration with digital
catalogs, permitting admins to easily search, filter, and select
products to be added to the internal store.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

The website creation was transformed into a seamless experience
with drag-and-drop functionality. This made it easier for admins to
design, preview, and publish the internal store.

Integration Capabilities

The system was built with integration in mind. This meant that as
companies adopted new digital tools or changed existing ones, the
application could easily adapt without disruptions.

User-Friendly Design

Understanding the pain points of the administrators, the application
was designed to be intuitive, reducing the training time and making
the process more enjoyable.


The time required to set up or update the internal store was reduced by over 70%, allowing for faster access to
products for employees.


The digital transformation of the internal product access system for employee vouchers proved to be a
significant step forward in enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and improving overall user satisfaction. By
understanding the core challenges faced by the administrators and designing a solution that catered to their
needs, the project was able to bring about a marked improvement in the way companies provided this valued
service to their employees.

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