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Unlocking Efficiency: Devista’s Serverless Accelerator Cuts SaaS Development
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Customer Description

Nova M4 aims to make HR and management simple and enjoyable, through a game-like HR tool
offered as a SaaS platform. To appeal the investors, the product needed to be launch quickly as
a minimum viable product (MVP).


The business landscape required that Nova M4 hit the market within just 3 months. While
there’s hesitation in the market to fully adopt cutting-edge cloud technologies, we always
champion staying ahead of the curve. Cloud development has seen steady growth over the
years, and we firmly believe serverless is the future of app development. Research from
Gallup, shows that many employees feel detached from their roles, with only 20-30%
genuinely invested. The majority are either uninvolved or actively disconnected. As Devista is
part of Nova M4’s core target besides an experienced business & tech consultant, we also
brought to the table insights and data on workplace engagement.


Fully deployed serverlessly on AWS, it is built upon Devista’s SaaS Accelerator. The solution
incorporates the following structural components:

SaaS Accelerator’s Out-of-the-Box Components

These ensure multi-tenancy behaviour concerning various solution
aspects such as authentication, authorisation, and tenancy data

Nova M4 API Business Customization Layer

This is where the specific business needs of the HR application

UI Organizational Portal

Offers an extensive view of organizational structures,
administration, and performance indicators, allowing for efficient management.

UI Mobile Gamification App

This is where the career journey unfolds, engaging employees to
interact with their coaches and organisation.


What it’s like to work with us

Nova M4 is a perfect tool for my and my teams. It’s a valuable way to increase engagement, build relationships, and provide a fun perk for doing excellent work.

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