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Customer Description

Travel to Desk is an innovative app focused on introducing travel as an employee benefit that can
improve both organizational health and the bottom line. By providing exclusive discounts and
offers at a wide range of hotels, activities, and bars, Travel to Desk aims to make travel more
affordable and enjoyable for the employees of participating companies.


The overarching challenge of the project was to expedite the development and
implementation of the app while maintaining the flexibility needed to accommodate various
business needs. One issue we encountered was related to the onboarding process for
businesses wishing to join the platform. Initially, this process relied on the Travel to Desk staff
who had to manually enter business details into a basic site. This not only produced delays
but also limited the app’s adaptability.


To solve the aforementioned problems we came up with a series of solutions:

Automated Registration
System – Accommodation
Creation Journey

To address this issue, we developed the
Accommodation Creation Journey. This
automated registration system empowers
businesses to effortlessly create their
accommodations, restaurants, or activities
listings within the Travel to Desk
application. By eliminating the need for
manual data entry, they significantly
reduced registration time, making it more
efficient for both businesses and users.

Location Approval Mechanism

To ensure the quality and consistency of
their listings, we introduced a location
approval mechanism. This feature allows
for location listings to be approved only if
they adhere to Travel to Desk’s guidelines
and standards. It ensures that businesses
align with Travel to Desk’s values,
enhancing the overall user experience.

Automated Registration
System – Accommodation
Creation Journey

Recognizing that every business has
unique requirements, we integrated a
component that enables customization of
various elements of the app. Whether it’s
branding, content, or user interactions, our
CMS system offers the flexibility to tailor
the app to the demands of different


The time required to set up or update the internal store was reduced by over 70%, allowing for faster access to products for employees.

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I felt like the luckiest client alive; they were great developers.

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